Open pores: causes and how to close them to improve your skin’s appearance

Open pores are a topic of interest for all women, having open pores is more common than it seems, it is one of the most common skin issues. If you want to know what causes their appearance, what they are, how to improve their appearance, and all the details on the subject, you’re in the right place! Read on.

What are open pores?

Pores are small holes in the epidermis that serve multiple functions. The size of the pores is different and depends on the genes, when they are filled with sebaceous secretions, they tend to open, and this happens when the secretion cannot get out causing the formation of acne, redness, and other conditions.

Although they can be annoying, pores are there to perform some important tasks in your body such as:

  • Allow perspiration to regulate body temperature through sweat.
  • Eliminate all the toxins that affect the skin to promote its hydration.

There are approximately 2 million pores in the skin with the main purpose of facilitating perspiration. But what happens when these pores become clogged or infected? It is then that they acquire that unpleasant appearance that darkens areas of our skin, turning into a rough and greasy texture.

Why do open pores appear on the face?

Here are the 9 main causes. Do you identify with any of them?

1. Excessive sebum:

The skin naturally produces oil to prevent dryness, but when there is excessive production, it triggers a more moist and shiny appearance, which is known as oily skin. This happens because the sebaceous glands overproduce sebum.

Sebum spreads to the other layers of the skin and its entire surface, causing the pores to dilate and accumulate more oil than normal. Sebaceous activity depends on genes and pore size.

2. Decreased elasticity of the skin around the pores

Due to aging, stress, hormonal disorders, diet, or lifestyle, pores may open up. That is why it is very important to have a healthy lifestyle, drink plenty of water, exercise for 30 minutes a day, and eat foods rich in vitamin C.

If you have a healthy lifestyle, it will surely be reflected in your skin, mood, and health.

3. Genetic tendency:

The size of the pores has to do with a genetic load. Some people have larger pores than others, due to their seborrheic glands; that is, they have oilier skin. Thus, when their pores dilate, they can become more noticeable.

4. Increased hair follicle volume:

This occurs when the follicle becomes clogged by a combination of dirt, dead cells, and makeup. That is why it is so important to always remove all makeup and impurities that accumulate during the day before going to bed.

Makeup suffocates the skin. Powders and heavy or cream foundations settle in the pores and not letting the skin breathe, which is why it cannot hydrate. However, while we sleep our skin has the opportunity to repair itself, so we should not block this regeneration by leaving makeup on the skin.

For this you can use Dermo Clean Micellar Solution by Infinitek Paris which contains two multi-functional active ingredients for more specialized care: Hyaluronic Acid and Rhamnose; whose effects are enhanced by Silanol technology, allowing maximum results.

This micellar solution delicately and gently removes makeup, while toning, moisturizing, and revitalizing the skin. It acts like a magnet, trapping and removing impurities, oiliness, and pollution residues, leaving your skin clean and fresh.

5. Vitamin A deficiency:

Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins for vision, the immune system, reproduction, as well as growth, and development. Vitamin A also helps the heart, lungs, and other organs to function properly.

6. Congested skin:

When the skin is exposed to changes in the environment, stress, excessive cold or heat, and the sun’s rays, it becomes congested generating impurities in the open pores. Basically, they are reactive skins to climatic changes and pollution that are quite deteriorated or affected.

7. Very dry or oily skin:

Dry skin is characterized by a skin type that produces less sebum than normal skin. As a result of the lack of sebum, dry skin lacks the lipids it needs to retain moisture and form a protective shield against external influences.

Oily skin has shine and visible pores, characterized by excessive shine all over the face, not only in the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). Tendency to enlarged, visible pores, and dirt retention. Acne outbreaks, blackheads, open pores, and other imperfections often appear.

If you want to know how to identify your skin type read this article.

8. Adolescence:

Hormonal changes during adolescence can lead to acne, dermatitis, increased oil production in the skin and hair, the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads, shine in the T-zone, and open pores.

9. Skin aging:

Excessive exposure to the sun together with inappropriate or insufficient sun protection is one of the main causes of open pores. Also pollution, smoking, climate, alcohol consumption, stress, and lack of sleep.

If you have open pores on your face, it is important that you know the following tips and recommendations to close them and improve the appearance of your skin.

How to tighten pores to improve the appearance of your skin?

1. Perform a daily skincare routine

Sticking to a daily facial cleansing routine in the morning and in the evenings should be a must-have. Using a good micellar solution is ideal for the pores to contract and deflate.

It is not recommended to clean the face more than twice a day, as it could lose its natural oil and look dry. It is advisable to use it with cotton pads and perform circular massages including the face, neck, and neckline.

2. Exfoliate your face once a week

Exfoliating face masks helps remove dead skin cells and prevent them from accumulating in the pores. It also gives your skin a smoother, softer appearance. D on’t scrub too hard or use a very abrasive exfoliator, as it can further irritate your face.

Infinitek Paris Dead Sea Mud Mask Contains 98% Natural Minerals from Dead Sea mud. It exfoliates, cleanses, and detoxifies the skin. Remineralizes and nourishes, preventing and diminishing blemishes, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and oiliness.

3. Use moisturizers according to your skin type

First, it is important to know your skin type, whether it is combination, dry or oily. Moisturizers are important because they create a protective barrier that prevents the accumulation of dead cells, debris, or dust particles that prevent the skin from breathing properly. They prevent dryness, flaking, and impurities. They promote elasticity, collagen, and elastin production, improving the appearance of open pores.

Evitan la resequedad, la aparición de descamaciones e impurezas. Favorecen la elasticidad, la producción de colágeno y elastina, mejorando el aspecto de los poros abiertos.

4. Use sunscreen:

One of the main causes of premature aging is avoiding the use of sunscreen. The purpose is to prevent the damage of the sun’s action on the connective tissue from making the pores more visible. It is recommended that in this case, the sunscreens are light, such as Ultra Protection by Infintiek Paris.

5. Perform steam baths

Steam is important for the skin, as it opens all the pores of the skin, removing all the impurities and particles accumulated in them. This facilitates the removal of blackheads, the elimination of impurities, and prevents the formation of pimples.

The recommended time in the steaming process should not last more than 10 minutes. Steam baths are very suitable for oily or acne-prone skin.

6. Watch your diet

A diet high in fats, sugars, junk food, alcohol consumption, and cigarettes contributes to the bad appearance of pores.

It is advisable to include in your diet foods high in vitamins A and C, lean proteins, whole grains, and omega-3. Vegetables and fruit, in these cases, are your best allies.

7. Use serums with a light composition that moisturizes the skin

Use serums on the face that have a high concentration of active ingredients, a liquid and light texture favor a faster and deeper absorption. The main benefit is their high efficacy in combating and preventing premature skin aging.

We recommend using the Infintiek Paris SerumMix. This duo of facial serums is ideal for brightening, hydrating, firming, and evening out skin tone, revealing a healthier, and more youthful appearance. It also helps diminish the appearance of open pores.

8. Use ice

Cold water contracts and deflates open pores on the face, the best option for these cases is ice. If you have very inflamed or dilated pores, this is a good option:

  1. Clean your face with soap or micellar water.
  2. Take an ice cube and rub it over the affected areas for 15 to 20 seconds as it may irritate sensitive skin.
  3. Dry your face with a clean towel with light pressure, never rubbing.

Now you know how to take care of your skin to prevent and reduce the appearance of open pores. Remember that if you are healthy inside this is reflected in your skin.

At Infinitek Paris we want to help you improve your skin and achieve a physical and emotional balance. We are happy to accompany you in every stage of your life and guide you to make the best decisions for your skincare.

We invite you to visit our blog to learn all about new launches, skin care tips, beauty tips, and the best skincare and makeup products.

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